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I Offer Tailored Solutions

Welcome to a world of tailored solutions and impactful experiences. With a sincere passion for programming expertise spanning algorithms, microservices in Node.js, automatic deployment with GitHub Actions, I offer a depth of knowledge aimed at elevating your projects. Specializing in crafting captivating HTML5 interactive experiences, let's embark on a journey of innovation together.

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Full-Stack Serverless Applications link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Full-Stack Serverless Applications

Empower your business with scalable full-stack applications leveraging serverless architecture or microservices. From seamless backend integrations to dynamic frontend interfaces, I specialize in crafting efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

Interactive 2D Experiences link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Interactive 2D Experiences

Immerse your audience in captivating 2D interactive experiences that engage and delight. Whether it's gamified elements within your application or standalone web games, I bring expertise in HTML5, Canvas, and Pixi.js to bring your vision to life.

General Programming Expertise link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. General Programming Expertise

Drawing from a diverse skill set, I offer expertise in a wide range of programming domains, including algorithms, GitHub Actions, Firebase, mapping technologies, graphics rendering, compilers, and advanced technologies such as OpenCV, WebGL, and OpenGL.

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Who is IT Mrav?

IT Mrav is currently one man team, software developer, engineer and tech agnostic!

I maintain good code base and experience with various platforms such as Web, Android, PC and Linux.

I enjoy to work in JavaScript, Python, Rust, C#

In my own time I like to experiment with new technologies so I am always up to the challenges they carry.


My vision to provide the best experience for my clients and developers.

I believe that happy people are great for cooperation and therefore develop the finest solutions.


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Slobodan Živković

the Owner