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Presonal progress link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Use Presonal progress to track your finances!
Personal progress

We are working on personal finance tracking PWA.

Here we show integration with Firebase used for analitycal application.

On frontend we have Next.js with static export so CEO and Deployment are simple and easy.

All APP-s have their continuous integration pipelines.

TexTris Engine Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Try TextTris out!

Game combines tetris like mehanics with typing trainer game 4000+ English words!

For this one engine is Pixi.js

The letters are out of 8x8 letter bitmaps

Oak Game Engine Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Play the game in browser!
OAK 3D Game Engine

We are working on OAK 3D Game Engine for our own purposes, we want it to be simplistic and optimised.

Also we developed tools to create levels and import models developed in Python.

MorseTree Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Try it out!
Morse tree

Morse tree is a game that train your morse code fingers.

Pythonium Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Check out all fun examples!

Knowlage and libraries of all aplications that are presented here and more

If you are up to it you can dig into code: Github Reopsitory link

Turn Base Game Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Play against friends!
Turn Base Game

Game made to present Map Engine.

ECS is used to make it is easily extendable.

This experiment makes fluent and unified UI

for mobile and desktop.

link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Ride on words!

Touching on data science and culminating in unexpected game development.

Math Plotter Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Plot some functions!
Math ploter by: "x"

Ploter for math functions, with special math comiler for using standard math notation.

Stellar Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Check out all the settings!

Stellar is simulation of sollar system, it uses Rust and WASM for ascelleration.

Oak Game Engine Img link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Play it on!
Oak tank

Fun rouge game made with our own 3D OAK game angine.

link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch.


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Slobodan Živković

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