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a-simple-game-rule-system-using-0-for-success-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
A simple Game Rule System using 0 for Success

Using 0 for success and any other value for error. This unconventional strategy allows for granular error reporting, offering transparency in understanding rule failures.#gamedev #typescript #functional

a-search-with-custom-heuristics-and-n-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
A* Search with Custom Heuristics and Neighbor Functions for Versatile Solutions

Custom heuristic and neighbor functions to estimate costs and determine connectivity between points in the problem space. This customization offered a level of adaptability and I realized its potential for solving a variety of problems.aStar, algorithm, javascript

automating-text-extraction-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
Automating Text Extraction from Screenshots with Tesseract and Gnome Screenshot

This script is your new best friend for grabbing text from images or screenshots in a snap! With just a quick shortcut, it works its magic, whisking that text straight into your clipboard. Say goodbye to tedious transcribing—hello, productivity booster! 🌟#Linux #automation #gnome #OCR

chasing-the-ghost-bug-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
Chasing the GHOST bug

I wanted to edit an image, to remove the background and make it transparent using Pinta, which is based on Paint .NET—a great tool for my level of image editing.bug,Pinta,opensource

code-migration-with-ecs-in-javascript-from-c-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
Code Migration with ECS in JavaScript (from C++)

The migration involved utilizing memory addresses as keys for Maps, replacing arrays with Sets, and simplifying the overall code-base. The EntityManager transformed into a leaner, more efficient form

how-do-you-define-your-points-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
How do you define your points [x,y],{x,y}, x, y?

After overcoming numerous challenges and iterations, the Vector object emerged as the definitive solution. Its flexibility allows for instantiation through various formats: `new Vector(0, 1)`, `new Vector([0, 1])`, or `new Vector({x: 0, y: 1})`.

independent-on-my-journey-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
Independent on my journey

Embracing the joy of creative freedom and a love for my platform, I migrated to a self-hosted blog. Powered by Webpack, EJS, and Markdown, my content enjoys safety from arbitrary moderation, allowing me to express myself authentically and securely.#SelfHostingJourney #CreativeFreedom

revitalizing-an-outdated-website-with-ej-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
Revitalizing an Outdated Website with EJS and Webpack in 2023

Discover how one developer breathed new life into an outdated website using EJS and Webpack, and learn how this approach can help modernize your own legacy projects#javascript #EJS #Webpack #casestudy

tag-recommendation-to-game-design-cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
Tag Recommendation to Game Design: A True Story of Word-Difference-Calculator

Explore the development journey of the "word-difference-calculator," initially crafted to refine spending tags in a budgeting app. Discover how a seemingly small tool transforms into a versatile and creative project, touching on data science and culminating in unexpected game development.#programming #javascript #softwaredevelopment #gamedevelopment

the-way-i-wished-javascript-went--cover link_round [#1110]Created with Sketch. Read more!
The Way I Wished JavaScript Went - A New Year's Wish 🌲

Imagine object definitions maintaining familiarity with expressive syntax that brings joy to developers. In the ES5-style prototypes, envision the Person structure embracing a cleaner, more expressive structure. Seamlessly integrating concise prototypes and traits for enhanced extensibility. Type checking becomes a cornerstone, ensuring safety with explicit declarations. Explore a JavaScript that's joy into the new year! 🚀 #JavaScriptEvolution #NewYearWishes #CodeJoy#javascript #typescript

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